About Us

Young Leaders' Program (YLP)

Young Leaders' Program (YLP) is our year-long career development program for fresh graduates. YLP offers its participants structured learning opportunities and 360-degree exposure to the 17 different functions of BRAC Bank. Young leaders of the YLP program will lead changes in the bank with their fresh ideas.

As an equal opportunity employer, BRAC Bank offers the YLPs a fast-track career in one of the best in the class working environments and attractive remuneration. After completing the year-long development program, YLPs will get their appointment as Principal Officers at BRAC Bank.


Please select any TWO DIVISIONS from the following list, where you believe you can contribute the most. However, the final selection will be based on proper matching between the Bank’s business requirements and your competency level. Your written test will start once you select and confirm your preferred divisions where you aspire to work.

  • Alternate Banking Channel
  • Anti-Money Laundering or AMLD
  • Communication & Marketing
  • Company Secretariat & Regulatory Affairs
  • Corporate Banking
  • Distribution Network or Branch Banking
  • Finance
  • General Services
  • Human Resources
  • Internal Control & Compliance
  • Legal & Recovery
  • Operations
  • Retail Banking
  • Risk Management
  • SME or Small & Medium Enterprises
  • Technology
  • Treasury

About BRAC Bank

BRAC Bank Limited is the pioneer of SME (Small and Medium Enterprise) Banking in Bangladesh. Taking inspiration from BRAC, the largest NGO, the bank began with the vision to provide banking solutions to the unbanked and introduced small-ticket loans to SMEs. It helped the bank in bringing the grassroots entrepreneurs under the mainstream banking services. BRAC Bank offers comprehensive banking solutions for individuals and businesses, focusing on the country's SMEs.

BRAC Bank is a performance-driven dynamic organization, where its values founded at the core of each and every activity as pillars. It is the only member of the Global Alliance for Banking on Values from Bangladesh.

BRAC Bank's financial results, along with the best credit rating and several recognitions for a best financial report, speak of our aspiration, transparency and teamwork towards becoming the best bank in the country.